Dexter Russell Connoisseur 7" Forged Duo-Edge Santoku Knife 12162 50-7PCP

Dexter Russell

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Dexter Russell Connoisseur 7" Forged Duo-Edge Santoku Knife 12162 50-7PCP

Santoku knives are the Japanese version of the chef knife and they can be used for the majority of kitchen tasks.  Santoku refers to the three tasks that the knife excels at, slicing, dicing, and mincing.  The top edge of the blade aligns with the top of the handle for perfect balance.  Most of Dexter Russell’s santoku knives are equipped with a duo-edge blade allowing the knife to slice through everything it cuts. Santoku blades are shorter, lighter, thinner, and stronger than traditional chef knives.  A western chef knife generally slices downward and then rocks the tip forward to complete a cut but the santoku relies more on a single downward cut and even landing from the heel to the tip.  This creates less of a rocking motion and more of a straight motion.  

The Connoisseur collection is a unique line that you will use in your gourmet kitchen and see in the finest restaurants all over the world. Impress your guests with these brilliantly designed knives.  Sanitary engineered rosewood handle, infused with polymers and resins, provides warmth, durability, balance, and stain resistance. Connoisseur blades are made of stain-free, high carbon steel with a superior blade edge for easy cutting.  You would think that such well crafted cutlery would be unattainable for many. The true consideration is that these are lifetime investments that are affordable. You will appreciate the exceptional quality when using these unique knives and every creation will make you proud.  These knives are beautiful and functional boasting some of the best features in the cutlery world proudly made in the USA.

  • Full tang forged blades with durability and balance
  • Stain-free high carbon steel for superior edge retention and easy cleaning
  • Engineered rosewood handles impervious to stain
  • Large brass rivets securing blade to handle
  • Hand honed to ultimate edge
  • Unique edge geometry for long lasting, easily restored performance
  • Superior blade shape for ease of slicing
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