About our Prices

Fishbone Knives offers you a no gimmick pricing on American Made Dexter Russell knives.

It's Simple!

Always a discount off Dexter list price when you buy 1 to 5 of the same knife.

Buy 6 or more of the same knife and the discount increases!

For bulk orders of $3000 or more, call us and get a larger discount.

Please be careful when comparing our pricing to other online retailers. They may have a lower retail price, but they make it up in high shipping costs. Also some retailers are displaying Dexter American made  and shipping the International line (non USA made)

Shipping Costs: Shipping is never free, don't let anyone fool you. If they say it's free, they put it in the price. We don't make money on shipping or have a handling charge. Your shipping charge is calculated by USPS and FedEX servers depending on your choice. We recommend using USPS because it is the most economical way to ship. USPS now has tracking for both 1st Class and Priority mail. Once you order, and your order is shipped you will receive an email with tracking information. 

Last but not least, You can call us and we'll address all of your needs.

Call Toll Free 888-476-8086.